Meet Candace Statham

Creative Videographer | Artistic Film Editor | Committed Moment Saver

My ultimate goal as your videographer is to make documenting your wedding a fun, joy-filled experience for you.

The truth is: I didn’t have a wedding videographer for either my original wedding OR our vow renewal…and it's one of my biggest regrets

Now, as the go-to wedding videographer for the modern couples of Austin, Texas, I get the golden opportunity to give my clients what I missed out on. I want to freeze time with video so that you can relive one of the best days of your life again and again.

It’s when I see the light in couples' eyes as they view their film for the first time that I know I am living out my purpose.

i'm on a mission to

create the gift of legacy for couples with passion, intention, and endless creativity

when you hire Vida Film Productions

I promise to give your film the personal touch. 

This isn’t a smoke and mirrors company. You’ll never get some new, partially trained member of a much larger team. Instead, you get Candace - the coffee-loving, beach dreaming creative who will go to great lengths to get The Shot. Every single time. 

The Full Wedding Video Experience

What I Do

Take all the authentic, dynamic, and emotional moments that happen throughout the day and preserve them forever in film.

Who I Serve

Modern couples with unique love stories and an unmatched sense of wedding style.

How I Do It

This is a journey that we take together - every step of the way. 
When we work together, you’re going to feel like family and know that I’m wholeheartedly invested in capturing the moments that matter most to you. 

What You Get

An expertly-crafted wedding video that transcends the ordinary. I believe every love story is unique, so each resulting film should also be different from the rest.

Get in touch to experience the creative edge and artistic editing style that sets us apart from other wedding videographers.

“If you are at all debating whether to hire a videographer to document your special day... don't.

To put it succinctly - Candace is the BEST. Not only was her work product amazing, but she was like having a best friend present throughout every moment of our special day. Candace is an artist and she puts so much heart and thought into what she does. This lovely and talented person will give you the best gift, one that will make you smile and cry - all at the same time - for the rest of your life.”

In Their Words

– Allison D.

“Having Candace as the videographer for our wedding was one of the best choices we could have made!”

“When we first met with her, she instantly became a friend, and my fiancé and I could tell how excited and passionate she was about capturing weddings. This was definitely evident through our wedding video as well. She captured everything we could have envisioned and so much more! From laughter and toasts, every special moment was included. We are so lucky to be able to relive our wedding day through her incredible work.”

– Allison B.

“I can’t imagine our wedding day without Candace!”

“She is an absolutely incredible videographer and delivered the best sneak preview of our video the day after our wedding (I still watch it over and over again), as well as a beautiful feature film of our entire day. She does impeccable work! I can’t say enough great things about Candace and her filming. A videographer should absolutely be a MUST for your wedding, and you should be running to book Candace ASAP!”

– Lindsey W.